Aaron Wescoat

Aaron Wescoat


Clean & Jerk: 330lbs/150kg

Squat: 462lbs/210kg

Deadlift: 440lbs/200kg

Front Squat: 400lbs/182kg

Vertical Jump: 50”


CrossFit Level 1

About Coach

Sports have been my whole life and found weightlifting in high school. Since then, I’ve found Crossfit and, most recently, Olympic Weightlifting and come to enjoy both thoroughly, not just the training aspect, but also the community. Highlights: hitting 300+lbs in the Clean & Jerk competition and a 400lbs Front Squat. Goal: to become a national-level weightlifter.

Turning Point

Discipline & procrastination. While yes, I procrastinate on doing tasks in & out of the gym, I have to remember why I do the things that I do. With weightlifting, I have goals in place that, if it wasn’t discipline and the desire to achieve those goals, I most likely will procrastinate on them or completely avoid them altogether. Outside, it helps to remind me of being a better man, husband, leader, & example through and through.

Motivation & Passion

To educate, in whatever context I am in. As a full-time teacher, it’s all about meeting the students where they’re at and equipping them with what they need for short & long-term success. Same with coaching, whether it’s CrossFit, weightlifting, efficient movement, etc. and at the end of the day if either student or person has learned something or improved a little more with what they’re trying to achieve, then it’s a win for me.

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